Aaron Connolly

Thank you, robocall!

When your phone number lands in the hands of someone trying to sell you something it can be difficult to get them to stop. However, when your phone number lands in a robocall database, they will never stop.

Robocalling has become one of the worst things about advancing technology over the last decade. Somewhere a human schedules software to make hundreds and hundreds of phone calls per day. Remember: Software doesn’t get tired.

We bought a house two years ago and since then we have not stopped receiving robocalls for new banking products. I have followed the calls through their maze of menus (You fool!). I have asked the human behind the robot to remove me from their list yet they never do. The phone calls are unending and it seems that engaging the robocall in any way seems to make things worse.

So, yesterday I looked at my phone as another robocall came in and I thought for a minute….

Staring blankly at a number I did not recognize it dawned on me—I do not have to answer the phone. I have a choice in this matter and that is tremendously empowering.

When your phone lights up hundreds of times per day offering you digital candy of some sort take a moment to recognize that you have a choice in how to respond.

You can be a slave to your device or you can be free.

The robocalls I receive are a constant but simple reminder to make a choice for mental, emotional and spiritual freedom from the things of this world.